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Alessio Bernardini, 1993, Born and raised in Rome, he is an interior and product designer with a background as a fashion photographer.


Alessio was appointed Creative Director of Tisettanta at the age of 27, proving his ability to blend heritage, design and lifestyle.


In his role as creative director, he has successfully reinterpreted the artistic heritage of the iconic luxury brand founded in 1971.


During the years he designed remarkable pieces of furniture and made unique interior design project.

His passion for art and beauty as he understands it translates into a well-defined aesthetic, resulting in timeless spaces and iconic objects, aiming to create unique and sophisticated atmospheres.

Alessio with his studio, oriented towards interior design, deals with private renovation and architectural projects in residential and hospitality area.

Heritage and contemporaneity meet, influenced by the classicism of Rome sees its interiors as inhabited sets, a rigorous design, taking inspiration from architectural movements such as the Bauhaus movement and the photography of Helmut Newton.





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